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Tree Removal cost

The coldest months specifically January or February are actually the best and, overall, the cheapest time to remove trees. Winter tends to bring outdoor projects to a screeching halt, but tree removal plays by a different set of rules

The national average tree removal cost is around $1,100 but can range from $200 on the low end to $3,000 on the high end. Tree removal is a nearly inevitable fact of homeownership. Unfortunately, storms and age can damage trees on your property, making them a danger to you and your family. A Tree Removal Service will cut down and dispose of unwanted trees in your yard.

Prices for these services vary widely across the United States. Some trees are more challenging to remove, either due to the hardness of the wood, the tree’s size, or both. Additional factors, including your location and the type of tree you’re removing, can also affect this figure. Learn more about what determines average tree removal costs.


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