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How much does Stump Grinding cost

Stump Grinding Costs By The Inch

Charging for stump grinding by the inch is the most common method. The average stump grinding cost per inch is about $4 per inch. This price includes grinding the stump up to 10 inches below grade and cleaning up the area leaving a neat pile of stump grindings. The stump grindings can be removed and replaced with loam or other materials for an additional fee. Stump grinding pricing by the inch is usually the most cost effective pricing method because you only pay for exactly what is grinded. If there are no accessibility challenges such as stairs, stone walls, steep slopes, etc.. then stump grinding costs can typically be determined very easily over the phone or with a quick site visit. You can measure the stump yourself using the diagram below to determine the cost. You can also contact us for a free onsite or over the phone estimate.

Per Inch

Per Stump

Per Hour

Per Day





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